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      從辛丑牛年正月初一到初七,天天有驚喜,天天短視頻,感受中國春節文化魅力,聆聽感人的溫暖故事。北京市人民政府新聞辦公室精心策劃、量身訂造推出7集中英文系列短視頻《我在北京·過春節》(I am in Beijing for Spring Festival )。通過外籍主持人對話在京過春節的不同國籍、不同行業7位代表人物,感受他們的生活狀態,聆聽他們今年不一樣的春節故事。今天為您推送的是第五集《冰球小子球球:冬奧倒計時,打冰球過大年》(Ice Hockey Boy: Countdown to Winter Olympics 2022)。

      From the first to the seventh day of the first lunar month of the Year of the Ox 2021, our viewers can enjoy Chinese Spring Festival culture through seven different short videos of touching stories we post online. Produced by the Information Office of Beijing Municipal Government, the 7-episode “I am in Beijing for Spring Festival” video series will show you how people from different countries and different backgrounds spend their Spring Festival in Beijing. This is the 5th episode: Ice Hockey Boy: Countdown to Winter Olympics 2022.


      Yang Jiaxi (nicknamed Qiuqiu), an 8-year-old ice hockey player, has been playing ice hockey for more than 4 years and has won the title of best player in many youth ice hockey competitions. Now, he attends ice hockey training twice a week, even during the Spring Festival. He dreams to become an excellent ice hockey player in the future.

      The boy is looking forward to the 2022 Beijing Winter Olympic Games, so that he can appreciate the skills of ice hockey players from all over the world.

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